My degree project, “World Building, Ontology and Poetics” was completed under the advisement of Paul Soulellis. It encapsulates my work and research from my senior year at RISD during Fall 2019-Spring 2020. My DP showcases the non-linear adventures I experienced through classes such as Design in the Posthuman Age by Anastaiia Raina, Interspecies Collaboration by Anastasiia Raina and David Kim, Posthumanism by Kai Franz and Martin Beck, Intro to Shoemaking by Marika Verploegh Chasse, Newly Formed by Chris and Kathleen Sleboda, Forms of Nature by Eric Carver, and of course Degree Project by Paul Soulellis. From speculating a new planet in 4020 to flying all the back home and doing a collaborative project with my mother, here we are.

It could not have been done without the support from many peers and professors whom I admire including Anastaiia Raina, Paul Soulellis, David Kim, Marika Verploegh Chasse, Kai Franz, Martin Beck, Brynn Trusewicz, Agi Haines, Ed Brown, Sue Mazzucco, Maria Gerdyman, Connie Xu, Libby Marrs, Hannah Thalmann, Aedan Clark, Raina Wellman, Sushant Shivaram, Olivia Park, Mom, Dad, my DP group, collaborators, The RISD Nature Lab, CoWorks, and so much more. Thank you all for everything from the sincerest of my heart. Though a bittersweet end to my time at RISD, my heart is so full.