Chameleon Couture

Apparel x Textile Design 2018

Iteration13 is a gender-free design project I collaborated on with Brian Bailey at RISD Winter 2018. For this apparel capsule collection we created garments by combining female x male patterns and allowing the fit of the garments to fit all bodies. Titled, Chameleon Couture, this capsule collection focuses on camouflaging the wearer in urban city environments.

Mark Knitting Sample Hand dyed + puff ink screenprinted Designed box tee for production Knitting Striped Hems Cape detail Patterning Shorts Digitally Printed x Embroidered Denim Pants Look 1: Machine Knit Oversized Wool Sweater Look 2: Screen Printed Box Tee Waterproof Nylon Cape Machine Knit Balaclava Wide Leg Capris Multiwear Cape Adjustable Tactical Pants Look 3: Spray Painted Cut & Sew Top